History of M4

Dealing with the mosquitos in my N. Chesterfield home was easy enough.  Slap on the bug repellant and just deal with the oily feel and the smell to enjoy the deck during the summer time and work in the garage.  Then came the summer of 2010.  My daughter was 18 months old and walking.  She wanted to play outside on the deck usually naked.  My wife reseached all the natural repellants and we slathered those on our daughter.  I setup fans to keep a breeze going to try and keep the tiger mosquitos at bay.  We had tiki torches and citronella candles all over the place.  Still my daughter would get bitten as would we.  Toughing it out through that summer my wife decided the next year she would try something new.  Summer of 2011 rolled around and when the mosquitos picked up my wife researched the different companies available and the chemicals they used.  Deciding on a new start up was easy when it was determined what they used was safe for our pets. Of course that was after my wife finally swayed me as I was very hesitant on spending money for a company to come spray. We were amazed at the sudden disappearance of mosquitos and the return of the enjoyment of our outdoor areas.  Yup, she was right all along.  Customer service was excellent and we recommended this service to all of our neighbors and local friends.  Summer of 2012 we signed up for a service contract for the whole summer to be able to enjoy playing outside once again.  Only downside was that the service we were using continued to grown and grown.  The owner had to hire lots of new people to spray and the detailed customer service we received went down.  Not knowing exactly when our next spray would be made it hard as we often had to round up pets (often while carrying an 8 month old) early in the morning.  After evaluating the cost and researching what chemicals to use I decided to invest in my own equipment and M4 was born in 2013.